Skills Description


A Skill is the ability and capacity acquired through deliberate, systematic, and sustained effort to smoothly and adaptively carryout complex activities or job functions involving ideas (cognitive skills), things (technical skills), and/or people (interpersonal skills). Therefore we have selected specific skills for the first Bahrain Skills Competition allowing competitors to challange their abilities in various fields as follows:


The welding process is one of the most important methods used to fabricate metals; it's a process of joining two different metals to each other given permanent hardness by raising the temperature of the link between them. The heat needed for the melting process is obtained from gas or chemical compounds.

Welding technicians who perform their work professionally to be a technical welding standard should be able to have the skills of reading and evaluating the technical drawings as well as the knowledge of health and safety standards are required.

Web design

Web design is one of the new technological fields that includes constructing and maintenance of web pages. It's the skill of creating electronic presentations to a specific content which is raising this e-content on a host (server) to review the contents of this file on the Internet from anywhere in the world.
The web designers use computer programs to produce pages and links through programming languages such as HTML, Flash or others.

Graphic Design Technology

Graphic design which is also called (the art of visual communication) is an innovative approach that refers to a number of technical and professional attributes which focuses on visual communication and their presentation.
As well as using a variety of methods for combining symbols and photos or words to create a visual representation of ideas and messages. The graphic designer uses several techniques such as calligraphy, visual arts, organizing pages and others to deliver an effective message, whether for the purpose of preparing brochures, posters, advertisements or designing logos.


There are seven systems included in Automotive skill: the internal combustion system, braking system, electrical systems in the car, ignition management system, transmission system, engine maintenance, steering and suspension system.

An automotive technician is the person who works mainly in garages and workshops specializing in auto maintenance and must be able to understand how these systems work. In addition to troubleshooting, solving technical difficulties, maintenance and repairing processes. Also to have a good knowledge of occupational health and safety measures.

Mobile Robotics

Robots are machines capable of carrying out a pre-programmed task either controlled by human or by computer programs. Since they show intelligent behavior when mimicking human behavior as their moves and works by programs without human intervention.

A robotics technician is the person who designs, manufactures, assembles and programs robots. As well as knowing the mechanical and electrical aspects and robotic controls system prior to installation and operation and move the robot and identify the mechanical and electrical problems after installation.

IT software solutions for business

Information Technology is a technology concerning processing and managing information as well as dealing with computers and computer software. Due to accelerated development in the field of information technology, the demand for information technology technicians increases constantly especially in the field of office applications.
These professionals are not Microsoft office software users only, but they have accurate information which is used widely in industrial and cultural fields.

IT Network System Administration

The study of computer networks is a branch of science communication, and system used to connect two machines or more by one technological communication system for exchanging information, resources and data, by linking the available network with devices or application software as well as allowing to communicate directly between users.

A network technician needs to have many various skills such as the ability to use different operating systems, install and configure wireless network devices, switches, routers and devices to protect data, installation, maintenance and knowledge of faults in devices and communication systems through the Internet.

Electrical installations

The rapid progress in the electrical technology makes a lot of changes in the industrial field, and the amazing versatility uses of the electricity as a source of energy shows that it can be used in an infinite number of applications, such as transport, heating, lighting and communications, etc......
The contestants will compete in projects designed especially for commercial and domestic installations. The competition also focuses on electrical work in the field of industrial construction.